IMG_4196 Seal Around Outside Flange Ryan Heading Out On the Rail
Building fast, quality Naples Sabots in Southern California
  • Blog update on 3 years of Bedford Boats and completing Sabot #13 and still going -
  • Just infused boat number 13 today in the rain. I'm thinking it will be light as I it only sucked it less than 3 gallons of resin!
  • Delivered Sabot 11 last week and have number 12 in the mold...
  • Delivered Sabot number 7 on Saturday and it ties for 2nd place the first day out at the SDYC Men's Mayhem. Bedford Boats take 1, 2, 3!
  • Infused boat number 8 today. A few custom touches requested by the customer - 1/2" bottom, 1/4" sides...