About our Sabot

Bedford Boats only builds Naples Sabots. We only offer a racing model so the rigging and components are designed for speed, reliability, and ease of maintenance.

Resin – The hull is built with 100% vinylester resin. Many Sabots have been constructed from cheaper polyester resin. Vinylester is a hybrid of polyester resin with epoxy molecules in its molecular make-up.  Vinylester resins are more impact resistant and absorbs less moisture than polyester. This makes for a stronger hull for the rough-and-tumble world of Sabot racing. The boat is also much less likely to gain weight as it ages.

Gelcoat – We do not mix our own gelcoat but rather use standard supplier colors. This makes for more constant colors and the ability to obtain the same color if repairs are needed in the future. If you do wish for a custom color then we can put you in contact with our gelcoat supplier.

Hull Lay-up – The hull construction begins with spaying the gelcoat into the mold. A 1.5 oz layer of mat is laid over the gelcoat to help reduce print-through. The fiberglass and core materials are then laid into the mold and the vacuum bagging material sealed around the edges of the mold. Then the air is pumped out creating a vacuum,  squeezing the material down against the mold. The resin is then allowed to be pulled into the vacuum until all the fiberglass is “wetted-out” and the excess resin begins to be pulled back out of the mold. This ensures that only enough resin is used to soak the fiberglass and the entire hull is as stiff as possible. View the entire process with more detailed explanations.

Mast Positioning – As the placement of the mast is essential to the speed of the Sabot, each boat is fitted with a Delrin block on top of the bow thwart. The block is placed to center the top of the mast to the chines and the mast partner is shaped as an oval hole to allow the mast to shift the maximum 1/8 inch fore-and-aft but with a minimal amount of side-slop.

Boards/Blades – The boat can be purchased with or without blades (rudder & leeboard). The standard boards are wood that are hand shaped. We also offer premium rudders and leeboards by Gresham Marine with aluminum tube tillers and rudder mounting hardware. Gresham Marine have been building fast, quality blades for over ten years and are guaranteed to measure in (not all manufacturers can say that!)

Other features include:

  • Pin-based mast rake system, but the classic mast-block systems are available as well
  • Teak inside and outside rails
  • Boom vangs with minimal adjustment needed when trimming the boom
  • Adjustable stern traveler
  • All nylon-lock nuts for more reliable rigging

Price – The total boat, ready to race (except for a sail and life jacket) is currently $6500 plus tax (sorry, no carbon masts available) with a 50% down payment when ordered. Recent increases is hardware, resin, and fiberglass necessitated a price increase. [UPDATE – a builder of carbon masts has been found but they are out of state and need to setup a new manufacturing process. I suspect the future mast costs could be around $1000 – more news to come…]

Options – For rigging and other options, view our Options page.

Results – Take a look at the results we’re starting to see.